Kayangan Api Tourism Object

Posted by Adi Afifa Kurnia | 8/31/2010 02:15:00 AM

Bojonegoro is a city in East Java, in Indonesia. My older sister has been living there with her husband since she works as a stated-owned junior high school teacher. I think it seems good if I take my blog readers to explore tourism natural objects in this city.

Bojonegoro actually has a lot of tourism objects. One of the most famous tourism places in Bojonegoro is eternal fire spot, which is the biggest in Asia.

Local people name the place Kayangan Api or fire heaven. Kayangan Api is the source of fire which never die. It is located in Sendangharjo, a village forest, kecamatan Ngasem. The forest in the village has covered at least 42,29% of its area.

According to the old story, Kayangan Api was the rest place of Mbah Kriyo Kusumo or Mpu Supa. He was also known as Mbah Pandhe of Majapahit old kingdom. On the west of Kayangan Api, there is a pond of mud containing sulfur.

Kayangan Api is categorized as a sacred place. In the old time, it was the place to make many sacred traditional weapons such as keris, spear, cundrik, etc. Today many people still think that the fire of Kayangan Api is sacred. Some of important traditional Javanese' ceremonies use its fire as a requirements. For example traditional Javanese event Jumenengan in Yogyakarta. Jumenengan is a program to establish new king in Yogyakarta kingdom.

Drini Beach, A remote beach in Gunung Kidul

Posted by Adi Afifa Kurnia | 8/24/2010 09:55:00 PM

Drini beach is at least 40 kilometre of Yogyakarta city. It is located in Ngestirejo village, Kecamatan Tanjungsari, Gunung Kidul city. To reach Drini, you will pass many hills and winding roads, and you will enjoy beautiful scenery of the hills during your trip.

It is a remote beach, located on the flanks of two big hills and other small hills. The sitution makes Drini seem isolated from outside world. The scenery is beautiful and the air is cool. Drini beach actually has cool and the temperature of sea water is colder than other beaches since it is surrounded by big hill. The hill make hot sunlight never touch the water beach.

Another peculiarity of Drini beach is that there is a coral island where grows on it Drini tree. Local people believe that the wood of the tree can be used as an antidote of snake poison.

The Beauty of Slopeng Beach, Madura Island

Posted by Adi Afifa Kurnia | 8/20/2010 01:40:00 AM

Are you confused to look for beautiful and fascinating places to spend your holiday? I think it you have to try to visit Slopeng beach. The beach with fast and white-brown sand is located in Sumenep district, Madura island.

Entering the beach area, you will be welcomed by soff wave of coconut tree's leaves which grow at the beach in great quantities. The existence of the trees makes Slopeng beach not only look wonderful, but also makes the place cool and calm.

If you are a lover of sunsrise or sunset, Slopeng beach is the very right place. It becomes your great moments to capture your family or friends, or someone you love on your camcorder or camera. The row of fishermen's wood boats and the crimson sky will add your fantastic sensation.

Do not worry to bring your child to swim, because the beach wave is calm and the beach surface is slightly slope. After you are tired of playing your child, there are many places here to get something to drink or eat. You can also can try the freshness of coconut water.

So do not hesitate to visit this wonderful beach.

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